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Confidential services

For High-Level Executives and Board Members Only:


There are a number of leaders who are blindly navigating the world of diversity, equity, and inclusion and are afraid of getting it wrong. We stand in as your private on-call coach, helping you to navigate the cultural nuances you do not understand. 

Leading with good intent is not enough to change the culture of an organization and the impact of those intentions can lead to the unfavorable work environments, personal scrutiny, and loss of community trust. 

This one-on-one confidential service will allow you the opportunity to openly explore the world of diversity in a shame free safe zone. You will obtain a deep understanding of internal implicit bias, discrimination, prejudice, and structural racism through the lens of history and policy.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion should be regarded as being most essential to the success and growth of an organization and it starts with you. Let us walk hand-in-hand together as we lead and change the world for the better. 

Additional Services:

  • Advertising and public relations campaign review and feedback. 

  • Speech writing and the creation of critical talking points for internal/external meetings and events.  

  • On-call human resource advice. 

  • Board member trainings.

  • Meeting preparation. 


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