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The Love manifesto

Dear Friend,


Healing any divide and building bridges for people to connect starts with self-discovery. When we undergo the process of becoming aware of our personal purpose, identity, gifts, blind spots, and areas of vulnerability, we are better equipped to exercise love for ourselves and others through the lens of grace, mercy, compassion, reconciliation, and accountability. The Ellis K Consulting way of operating has been called unconventional and uncommon. It restores and fosters a thoughtfulness that changes the trajectory of both individuals and communities for the better.

Honestly, how can we possibly extend grace, administer mercy, understand compassion, yearn for reconciliation, and accept the results of accountability unless we have gone through the process ourselves? Even better, have we gone through the process with someone patient enough to teach us and meet us where we were because they saw the greatness within us?

Culture change initiatives within organizations often fail because the focus is only on what the eyes can see, not on what needs to be adjusted inside each individual. We throw around the words diversity, equity, inclusion, and belongingness as if one should instinctively know what those things mean and how to implement them. We must make peace with the following: Not everyone was raised in love and kindness, or even understands it. Some may never know it unless confronted by it. Our lived experiences are different, and our values, whether good or bad, taught with intention or picked up unknowingly, shape how we think about and interact with the people we encounter, the places we go, and the things around us.

These lived experiences also produce blind spots, which are the perspectives we are unable to see.

When our blind spots go unaddressed, we fail to see how they affect our judgment, decision-making, and how we value others.

Ellis K Consulting is a judgment-free learning zone because we understand we are all works in progress. We allow our clients to process difficult emotions and beliefs that may be considered taboo. We provide service through a lens of love.

For us, love is…

Compassion. Having compassion for our clients and patience as they process.

Honor. Honoring the beliefs of others while understanding those beliefs may adjust as their world expands.

Pruning. Pruning is the process of cutting away dead or overgrown branches to increase fruitfulness or growth. Doing this to our bad habits can be painful at first but ultimately liberating. When we remove what no longer serves us, nothing can hold us back.

Grace and Mercy. Grace is a gift we don’t deserve, while mercy is not receiving the punishment we deserve. We do not believe in shaming people for mistakes or pushing away those who genuinely want to learn. We have all been in a place of discovery and uncertainty. When discouraged, we either become avoidant or put up walls. We will never come together if we continue fighting each other.

Accountability. We encourage others to understand the impact of their actions and accept responsibility, even when the action was made with good intent. We must have the courage to acknowledge actions, own them, and gain wisdom to resolve them.

Vulnerability. Unhealthy pride prevents us from being vulnerable, yet that vulnerability may be what is needed for career and relational breakthroughs. With us, you can be yourself. No striving, no hiding behind the mask, no expectations for perfection.

Forgiveness. We believe forgiveness is the path that leads to restoration. Forgiveness allows us to reconcile our differences and rid ourselves of all self-degrading thoughts living rent-free in our hearts and minds.

Community Building. We build trust by serving others and coming together. When we step out of our comfort zones to get to know others, especially those different from us, we bond through our shared humanity. We become compelled to do whatever it takes to protect, activate, build, and inspire each other. Our motives shift from being self-serving to a culture of serving others. Having the ability to serve others is a gift, even to ourselves.

Our sole mission is to create equitable leaders and organizations by bringing out the best from within.

It would be an honor to work with you.

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