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Life is much easier when you have someone to bounce things off of and most importantly, cheer you on. Organizational or individual change can be challenging because the next steps may seem unclear. With Ellis K Consulting, you will be able to pivot in the right direction by identifying goals and outcomes which are essential to your success.   

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Professional & leadership development

Elevate your career with our professional and leadership development services. Tailored to inspire growth, enhance skills, and empower leaders, we transform potential into success. Join us to unlock your true capability and lead with confidence.


Speaking engagements

Engage with the most dynamic, thought-provoking speaker to leave your team or audience motivated and inspired. Our speaking engagements are crafted to resonate deeply, spark innovation, and ignite a passion for excellence in every listener.

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 Policymaking Creation and Revisioning

Revolutionize your organization's policymaking with our policy creation and revisioning services, all done through an equity lens. We ensure policies are inclusive, fair, and promote diversity, laying the foundation for a more equitable and thriving future."

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Cultural Responsibility Trainings

Empower your organization with our Cultural Responsibility Training, designed to build awareness, respect, and inclusivity in the workplace. Learn to navigate diverse cultures with sensitivity, fostering an environment where everyone feels valued and understood.

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Confidential  Services

Access your personal on-call culture broker and coach, expertly guiding you through sensitive workplace and board scenarios. We handle issues discreetly and objectively, fostering mindset shifts and organizational transformation with care.

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Strategic planning & Reorganizations

Shape your organization's future with our strategic planning services, tailored for both short and long-term goals. We provide the roadmap and tools to navigate challenges, seize opportunities, and achieve sustained success, aligning vision with action.

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Conflict mediation & 
restorative Facilitations

Resolve workplace conflicts and foster healing with our mediation and restorative facilitation services. We create spaces for dialogue, understanding, and resolution, transforming tension into cooperation for a harmonious, productive environment.

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We would love to work with you! 

we help you to Attract and retain top talent 

we explore sustainability and act with social responsibility

we assist in Expanding or stabilizing your operations while ensuring quality

we Consult with compassion & understanding

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