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Cultural Responsibility

Advancing cultural responsibility in the workplace is complex and continually evolving. Creating belongingness in the workplace comes with the understanding that each individual is unique and may experience the world differently and there is nothing better than having employees who are confident in their ability to enter the workspace authentically. Recognizing the value and talent of each employee across the dimensions of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, neurodiversity, political beliefs, or other ideologies can encourage innovation, increase the level of employee contribution and foster a sense of security.


We also understand and work across senior leadership teams, boards, and staff members to achieve buy-in and to create a shared understanding of equity, inclusion, and diversity. We can help you to:


• Develop the organization's equity work plan, strategies, and procedures to advance organizational change and other initiatives that foster a culture of openness, inclusion, and diversity.

• Assist with cultural conflict mediation cases and human resource advice.


• To establish restorative polices to help navigate challenging employee conversations while creating a safe space in which participants are able to reflect and share their beliefs and experiences.


• Implement a combination of survey instruments, focus groups and/or interviews, to help understand employees’ and other stakeholders’ perceptions of the organization’s current Diversity, Equity and Inclusion state, and their envisioned future state.


• Understand the complexities of diversity for the purpose of creating, adjusting, and or dismantling outdated company policies.


• Establish guidelines to encourage productive staff dialogue which will in turn lead to organizational change.


  • Catching the culprit called implicit bias.

  • Policy review and creation through an equity lens. 

  • Community led healthcare. 

  • Leadership styles that can build or flatten your career and or organization. 

  • Microaggressions 

  • Project Management: Understand how to manage small to large scale projects to avoid falling behind.

  • Decluttering the chaos, know your capacity, and mastering your strengths.

* Workshops can customized for your organization. Just give us a call. 


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