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Strategic planning

A strategic plan helps to define and communicate the direction your company will take in the coming months to years. This process doesn’t just help to identify the direction—it can be used as a tool to equitably engage staff and key stakeholders.  


Is a strategic plan always needed?

Not always, as it depends on the situation. Having a strategic plan is one of the many ways organizations can plan to hit their goals. It helps map out strategic objectives and growth metrics but, not all plans are created equally. Some businesses may decide to take a six-to-eighteen-month project-based approach instead of formulating a three-to-ten-year detailed plan. We can help you with both.

Strategic planning activities includes the creation or revision of:

  • Mission, vision, and value statements.

  • Company goals and desired frameworks.

  • Formulation of key activities, metrics, and tracking.

  • Scenario simulation to test the viability of the action.

  • Community feedback facilitation.

  • Resource identification and prioritization.


Our overall goal is to also bring together the richness, diversity, and lived experiences of all involved!



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